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Nemesis Game Keys

Shortcut Description
F2Equip bound weapon/shield/spell
F3Equip bound weapon/shield/spell
F4Cast previously used spell
F5Character info
F7Magic List
F9Chat History
F10Guild info
F11Dialog Box Transparency
F12Main Menu
Ctrl + F2Bind weapon/shield/spell to F2
Ctrl + F3Bind weapon/shield/spell to F3
Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0Open magic list on a specific page
Ctrl + RAlways Run mode
Ctrl + PAsk player under mouse pointer for party invite
Ctrl + AAuto Attack mode
Ctrl + SMusic and Sounds
Ctrl + DDetail Level (Low/medium/high)
Ctrl + GGuild Menu
Ctrl + QQuests Menu
Ctrl + NTarget Neutral and Ally mode
Ctrl + MouseEquip all items under mouse pointer
Ctrl + MMinimap
Ctrl + ZPits in Minimap
Ctrl + OToggle party Interface
Numpad -Minimap Zoom out
Numpad +Minimap Zoom in
1 | InsertDrink Health Potion
2 | DeleteDrink Mana Potion
3Drink Stamina Potion
4 | HomeSafe Attack mode
5 | Page UpUse item's special ability
Shift + MouseDisplay item info (hover mouse over item on ground)
TabSwitch between Attack mode and Peace mode
Alt + MouseCritical attack
EndRepeat last entered chat message
EscCancel cast spell
Alt + F4Log Out
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