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2.Clothing - Capes
3.Clothing - Foot Gear


Clothing can be obtained from Shop Keeper in the Shop.

List of Clothing

Picture Name Shop PriceDefenseDescription
Bodice (W)Bodice (W)1501N/A
Chemise (W)Chemise (W)2001N/A
Knee Trousers (M)Knee Trousers (M)201N/A
Knee Trousers (W)Knee Trousers (W)201N/A
Long Bodice (W)Long Bodice (W)1801N/A
Shirt (M)Shirt (M)201N/A
Shirt (W)Shirt (W)201N/A
Skirt (W)Skirt (W)2001N/A
Trousers (M)Trousers (M)801N/A
Trousers (W)Trousers (W)801N/A
Tunic (M)Tunic (M)3503N/A

Clothing - Capes

List of Clothing - Capes

Picture Name Shop PriceDefenseDescription
Combatant CapeCombatant Cape10002N/A

Clothing - Foot Gear

List of Clothing - Foot Gear

Picture Name Shop PriceDefenseDescription
Long BootsLong Boots1001N/A

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