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1.Apocalypse Monsters
2.Crusade Monsters
3.Dragonia Monsters
4.Heldenian Monsters
6.Other Monsters

Apocalypse Monsters

List of Apocalypse Monsters

Picture Name DamageDescription
Vice RudolphVice Rudolph7D5+0 (7~35)N/A
TentocleTentocle7D6+0 (7~42)N/A
Giant Cray-FishGiant Cray-Fish7D7+0 (7~49)N/A
FrostFrost8D6+0 (8~48)N/A
Giant PlantGiant Plant8D6+0 (8~48)N/A
Ice-GolemIce-Golem8D6+0 (8~48)This monster uses Magic based attacks.
Absolute Protection From Magic gives 100% protection against this monster's attacks.
Master Mage-OrcMaster Mage-Orc8D7+0 (8~56)N/A
Dire-BoarDire-Boar8D8+0 (8~64)N/A
Claw-TurtleClaw-Turtle8D9+0 (8~72)N/A
BarlogBarlog9D10+0 (9~90)N/A
Giant LizardGiant Lizard10D10+0 (10~100)N/A
NizieNizie10D10+0 (10~100)N/A
CentaurusCentaurus12D11+0 (12~132)N/A
MinotaurusMinotaurus13D11+0 (13~143)N/A
Fire WyvernFire Wyvern20D18+0 (20~360)This monster has a size of 3x3 tiles.
This monster drops 5~15 items as Secondary Drop.
This monster always has a Secondary Drop.
WyvernWyvern20D18+0 (20~360)This monster has a size of 3x3 tiles.
This monster drops 5~15 items as Secondary Drop.
This monster always has a Secondary Drop.
AbaddonAbaddon20D20+0 (20~400)This monster has a size of 3x3 tiles.
This monster drops 12~20 items as Secondary Drop.
This monster always has a Secondary Drop.

Crusade Monsters

List of Crusade Monsters

Picture Name DamageDescription
DetectorDetector0D0+0 (0~0)N/A
Energy SphereEnergy Sphere0D0+0 (0~0)N/A
Grand Magic GeneratorGrand Magic Generator0D0+0 (0~0)N/A
Mana CollectorMana Collector0D0+0 (0~0)N/A
Mana StoneMana Stone0D0+0 (0~0)N/A
Arrow Guard TowerArrow Guard Tower5D8+0 (5~40)N/A
Light War-BeetleLight War-Beetle10D5+0 (10~50)N/A
Temple KnightTemple Knight10D9+0 (10~90)N/A
Cannon Guard TowerCannon Guard Tower10D14+0 (10~140)N/A
CatapultCatapult10D14+0 (10~140)N/A
Battle GolemBattle Golem13D12+0 (13~156)N/A
God's Hand KnightGod's Hand Knight13D12+0 (13~156)N/A

Dragonia Monsters

List of Dragonia Monsters

Picture Name Damage
Earth DragonEarth Dragon20D19+0 (20~380)
Illusion DragonIllusion Dragon20D19+0 (20~380)
Lightning DragonLightning Dragon20D19+0 (20~380)
Poison DragonPoison Dragon20D19+0 (20~380)
Black DragonBlack Dragon22D23+0 (22~506)

Heldenian Monsters

List of Heldenian Monsters

Picture Name DamageDescription
Dark KnightDark Knight8D4+0 (8~32)N/A
Crossbow TurretCrossbow Turret8D8+0 (8~64)N/A
Battle TankBattle Tank10D14+0 (10~140)N/A
SorceressSorceress11D10+0 (11~110)N/A
Ancient Temple KnightAncient Temple Knight13D12+0 (13~156)N/A
Ancient CannonAncient Cannon14D10+0 (14~140)N/A
BarbarianBarbarian15D12+0 (15~180)N/A


List of NPCs

Picture Name Description

Other Monsters

List of Other Monsters

Picture Name DamageDescription
Attack DummyAttack Dummy1D1+0 (1~1)N/A
DummyDummy1D1+0 (1~1)This monster does not attack.
SlimeSlime1D4+0 (1~4)N/A
RabbitRabbit1D5+0 (1~5)N/A
Giant AntGiant Ant2D3+0 (2~6)N/A
CatCat2D4+0 (2~8)N/A
SnakeSnake2D4+0 (2~8)N/A
OrcOrc3D3+0 (3~9)N/A
GuardGuard3D8+0 (3~24)N/A
Mage-OrcMage-Orc4D3+0 (4~12)N/A
ZombieZombie4D4+0 (4~16)N/A
Giant ScorpionGiant Scorpion5D3+0 (5~15)N/A
SkeletonSkeleton5D4+0 (5~20)N/A
Clay GolemClay Golem7D4+0 (7~28)N/A
Stone GolemStone Golem7D4+0 (7~28)N/A
Giant FrogGiant Frog7D5+0 (7~35)N/A
HellhoundHellhound7D5+0 (7~35)N/A
Dark-ElfDark-Elf8D4+0 (8~32)This monster uses Arrows to attack.
Protection From Arrow gives 100% protection against this monster's attacks.
GoblinGoblin8D5+0 (8~40)N/A
TrollTroll8D5+0 (8~40)N/A
CyclopsCyclops8D6+0 (8~48)N/A
LicheLiche8D6+0 (8~48)N/A
Lava GolemLava Golem8D7+0 (8~56)This creature's corpse can be mined for 30 seconds after its death.

Mining difficulty is 80% Mining and the corpse can yield up to 12 ores which can be Iron Ore, Coal, Silver Nugget, Gold Nugger, Mithral or Dark Ore.
Mountain-GiantMountain-Giant8D7+0 (8~56)N/A
OgreOgre8D7+0 (8~56)N/A
BeholderBeholder8D8+0 (8~64)N/A
Cannibal PlantCannibal Plant8D8+0 (8~64)N/A
WerewolfWerewolf8D8+0 (8~64)N/A
EttinEttin8D9+0 (8~72)N/A
StalkerStalker8D9+0 (8~72)N/A
DemonDemon10D10+0 (10~100)N/A
UnicornUnicorn10D10+0 (10~100)N/A
GargoyleGargoyle13D10+0 (13~130)N/A
Twin MageTwin Mage14D12+0 (14~168)N/A
Twin WarriorTwin Warrior14D12+0 (14~168)N/A
HellclawHellclaw15D14+0 (15~210)This monster always has a Secondary Drop.
TigerwormTigerworm18D17+0 (18~306)This monster always has a Secondary Drop.

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