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New Coins System
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From Now and as Quests on PERRY Npc theres a new coin System ingame.

Basicly u can trade Gold Or Majestics for Coins, and use them to trade with Perry for items.

Coins can be obtained ingame playing trading majestics and gold also.


Nemesis Coins Tradelist

Posted by farjat[GM] on 1-2-2019 at 4:07 PM

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Since we made A LOT of stupid desitions already, i will make a bigged one.

No joke.
GrandMother will give u a rare each day if u kill 100 zombies in Middleland. (she waiting at cityhall)

instant Level 180 and Exp x25

NEW MAP: Ettins Camp
EttinsCamp gets redrawed by artificial inteligence a few times a day, its NEVER same!




Ya que ya hice MUCHAS estupideces voy a hacer una mas grande.

No es Joda.
La abuela te va dar un rare cada dia si matas 100 zombies en middleland. (te espera en cityhall)

Nivel 180 instantaneo y Exp x25

MAPA NUEVO: Ettins Camp
EttinsCamp se redibuja por inteligencia artificial varias veces al dia, NUNCA es igual.

Posted by farjat[GM] on 16-9-2018 at 1:09 PM

Faster Combat Skills Updates.
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After a lot of feedback we found a lot of people want to play but most of them now have a life and doesnt have time to grind.

We know some people will like and others dislike, but a server with people is better than nothing. And i will not surrender and keep working on my stable shit to make it Fun for the ones that are staying.

So we decide to put the server in straight PVP MODE.

We already enabled Fast 180 a few days ago.

ANd now i Enabled

* Combat Skills changed

Get 1% on each hit on Basic Combat Skills, so u can Register, Get 180 with a ticket, fast skills and start fighting.

* Enabled 2 Starter Quests

1 quest Will Give u for 30 days free: Ring of Ogre, Ring of Wizard, MS10 and DM1 necks

1 quest Will Give u for 30 days free: InviManual, ESManual, BlizzManual, ZerkManual, PFMManual, AMPManual, ParaManual (keep in bag to have the magics)

* New Cyclop Pit in Middleland (8 mobs)



Después de muchos comentarios, encontramos que mucha gente quiere jugar, pero la mayoría de ellos ahora tienen una vida y no tienen tiempo para rechinar.

Sabemos que a algunas personas les gustará y a otras no les gustara, pero un servidor con gente es mejor que nada. Y no me pienso rendir y seguiré trabajando en mi mierda estable para hacerlo divertido para los que están jugando.

Entonces decidimos poner el servidor en el MODO PVP directo.

Ya habilitamos Ticket de 180 Gratis hace unos días.

Y ahora se habilito:

* Habilidades de combate cambiadas

Obtenga 1% de cada golpe en Habilidades básicas de combate, para que pueda registrarse, obtener 180 con un boleto, habilidades rápidas y comenzar a luchar.

* Habilitadas 2 nuevas Quests

1 quest te dará 30 días gratis: anillo de Ogro, anillo de mago, MS10 y cuellos DM1

1 quest te dará 30 días gratis: InviManual, ESManual, BlizzManual, ZerkManual, PFMManual, AMPManual, ParaManual (poner en en el bag para tener la magia)

* Nuevo Pit de Clops en Middleland (8 bichos)

Posted by farjat[GM] on 12-8-2018 at 1:39 AM

Nemesis in a window
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Helbreath Nemesis Office Window Mode is now Live.


nemesis in a window

Windows 10:

Windows Xp and Seven

Existing Client?
On Updater, Windows xp and seven needs no Fixes.
On Updater, Windows 10 Needs to choose Dx7 Error Fix and DdCompat.

Switch to window office mode using F12 and Advanced Settings.

Enjoy Office Mode!

Posted by farjat[GM] on 2-8-2018 at 11:28 PM

Helbreath Nemesis International REMAKE Opening
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Welcome to Helbreath Nemesis International.
This is our attempt for a remake of Old Helbreath International / USA configs.
We keeped Nemesis good fixes / improvements like Multi Quests and Guild Rankings, and we removed things like Dragonia, Taming and Helfire FOR NOW.Things can be introduced later as updates if neccesary, but the idea is to keep the server Original on the begining and use this features as updates when / if neccesary.
We do know experience x1 is hard but we added some Nemesis Chimi multipliers to it.
The Store will have mostly only Boosters which will be on a price people show buy them to trade inside game.
The Droprate...i will not give clues about. Live with it, maybe ur lucky. HUNT.
Hard Original Skill Formulas, Theres different ways to Boost them.
Buy Boosters, we prefer not to Rent Armor / Weapons, trade them inside game!
Promiseland & Noob Dungeon are connected and Max Level 120
Barracks Lvl 40 

Posted by farjat[GM] on 31-5-2018 at 2:43 PM

Helbreath Nemesis NO SUPPORT
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Helbreath Nemesis MUSEUM is opened with NO SUPPORT and added free fruit items on Quest 7006 by peoples Request.

Instant level to 180
Fast Skills
Free Gold
Free rares on Easy Quest 7006
Free Magestics
Free EKs

Watch the video to get the rares!

El museo de Helbreath Nemesis agrego items fruta para que prueben en la quest 7006.
Level 180 Instantaneo
Skills Rapidos
Free Gold
Free rares
Free Magestics
Free EK

Miren el video para ver como llegar a los rares.


Posted by farjat[GM] on 23-10-2017 at 9:30 PM

Fast Level 180 and Starter Sets Enabled
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Just Login, Choose town, take DKset AND PLAY.


Kill 20 Zombies in Middleland to get:

Posted by farjat[GM] on 6-3-2017 at 9:56 AM

Nemesis Classic Opening on December 10 2016
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more info to be added SOON.

Posted by farjat[GM] on 4-12-2016 at 9:36 AM

Nemesis Guilds Closing Soon
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Helbreath Nemesis Guilds Will close Soon due to low amount of players :(

Posted by farjat[GM] on 13-11-2016 at 8:33 PM

Free Town Changes
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Tickets for change Town are enabled for Free.

Can get them by Quest 7005 only ONCE A MONTH.


Posted by farjat[GM] on 28-1-2016 at 1:53 PM

Max Level 140 PVP EVENT
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Sunday, 24 JANUARY 4 PM server time

Get Your ChamPion ReaDy.

Check Tournament Restrictions Talking to Umpire on Battle Realm.

Posted by farjat[GM] on 14-1-2016 at 3:00 PM

Helbreath Nemesis Guilds Opening
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Helbreath Nemesis Guild IS OPEN !!!


9 December Update Patch Notes:

* Added: CTRL+P now also works in F9 Chat History Dialog.

* Added: Capes PA stat is now active and added when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it.

* Added: Capes can now be stripped when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it.

* Added: Capes now lose endurance when hit directly from the back or the tile left/right of it.


* Changed: HP/MP/Zerk Slate effects no longer apply when their map restriction is disabled. (Timer still counts down, effect is restored when entering a map where it is allowed)

* Changed: Tamed monsters will now regen back to full health when breaking free from their tamer.

* Changed: Clothing can now be properly statted and upgraded (using Stone of Merien)


More info Here

Posted by farjat[GM] on 15-10-2015 at 12:35 PM

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Nemesis Guilds is on BETA now!

Join Beta running autoupdater.

Golden Era accounts can be used During Beta.

Guild Quests are ENABLED on Guildhall Already! Needs to be a guildmaster and level your Guild To see them. Theres a Quest for Free contry for testers also on guildhall.

We Reccomend people to get client ready for Alpha. Beta will be SHORT!



Posted by farjat[GM] on 15-10-2015 at 12:31 PM

Servers Offline.
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We closed ALL nemesis servers, incluiding Banana.
The new Nemesis Guilds will be ready SOON!

Posted by farjat[GM] on 15-10-2015 at 12:31 PM

Goblins are Here!
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Goblins are Here!!

Goblin Concept Art

See More info on Goblins on the Portal

See Full Update Details in Forum

Posted by White[GM] on 26-9-2014 at 10:40 PM